About Us

Petra Global Energy mission is to grow a profitable upstream oil and gas company with long-term benefits. Energy Partners International plans to increase the volume of trades and its global appearance.

Petra Global Energy strategy is to build a portfolio of core areas which provide long-term growth opportunities. Energy Partners International emphasizes long-term growth in the value of our businesses, we embrace change and are innovative and opportunistic.

Petra Global Energy are focused on serving our customers’ needs and helping them to remain profitable and growing.

Petra Global Energy focuses primarily on the LNG, LPG, Crude Oil, petroleum and distribution industries.

Petra Global Energy operates business from a base of integrity, competence, honest and trustworthiness. Our relationship with our clients is based on mutual trust and respect.

Petra Global Energy provides New & Used upgraded Oil refineries,Solar power Supply and installation of New & Used Power Plants, Waste to Energy, Supply of Waste Management products and services, Hydro Power etc.

Harnessing Natural Resources

Since establishing our Energy and Environmental Services Division, our initial focus has been on photovoltaic solar energy.

Our vision for a sustainable future has expanded to a wider range of renewable including:

  • Solar Power
  • Wind Power
  • Water Solutions and Environmental Services

In line with our ongoing commitment to economic development, we place a key focus on building a meaningful legacy in countries where we establish projects. We aim to create jobs at all levels, including the training of the local workforce to develop renewable energy expertise within that country.

' Feasibility project outline 130 MW Solar Park, Ghana
Latest News
Petra global energy and Orion Energy in process to initiate 130mw Solar Power in Accra Ghana in conjuction with JINKO SOLAR POWER of China.