Energy & Environment

With power demand in the MENAT region set to grow by 7% annually until 2020, the development of additional renewable energy sources is a social and strategic imperative.

More than half of the region’s population live under conditions of ‘water stress’, where demand outstrips supply. Producing enough water to support the Middle East’s growing population needs huge investment in water production facilities and infrastructure, as well as the energy these processes demand.

The renewable energy targets established by the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and those of the wider MENAT region, together with the increasing demand for water, are opening up significant opportunities for investment in power production, conservation and water infrastructure.


PETRA GLOBAL ENERGY is focused on environmental and social responsibility, as well as regional government initiatives, we’re prioritizing energy efficiency and reduced consumption of finite resources.

We’re positioned to meet these needs and bring sustainable power to the region by partnering with energy experts and tapping the financial acumen and operational strength of the wider Petra Global Energy network.

Together with our energy partners, Especially in Africa and Middle-east we’ll lead the region in creating sustainable energy through power infrastructure development, sustainable power generation, alternative resources, and energy efficiency.

Latest News
Petra global energy and Orion Energy in process to initiate 130mw Solar Power in Accra Ghana in conjuction with JINKO SOLAR POWER of China.