Welcome to PETRA Global Energy Group!

PETRA Global Energy Group is a fast growing independent oil and gas supplier which makes it become a significant and profitable oil company, relationships with our clients are based on mutual trust and respect which is why our company conducts its business in a safe, environmentally responsible and ethical manner. The management at PETRA Global Energy Group is the driving force behind the company’s success.

PETRA Global Energy Group has global operations, our main products are D2, LNG, LPG and Crude oil

Our Mission
Negotiations are already in place with some of African countries to secure supplies of LNG and crude oil.
Drilling Opportunities exploration international regions, we plan to focus in this area in the coming years, as it brings challenges and opportunities to our company, In the near future our company plans to trade in petrolchemicals. This division of our company is now being put in place.
Latest News
Petra global energy and Orion Energy in process to initiate 130mw Solar Power in Accra Ghana in conjuction with JINKO SOLAR POWER of China.